Modern lifestyle is full of stress and hectic work schedule. Most of the people are suffering from stress and hypertension. Everybody wants a healthy mind with a healthy body. The best Yoga Class in Asansol could be GymXSstudio as per your choice

In this modern era, Yoga is the best way to keep your mind healthy as well as your body. With the regular session of yoga, anybody can overcome their stress and maintain a healthy mental state. Yoga can increase your concentration which helps you to concentrate on your present in a better way.

Yoga is the most effective and proven way to improve flexibility, balance, endurance and physical strength of your body. Our experienced and dedicated yoga gurus will guide you to discover your inner strength through yoga in a very warm and welcoming environment.

About our Yoga Classes :-

  •  Group Yoga Sessions
  • Personal Yoga Training
  • Full Meditation Course
  • Corporate Yoga And meditatation.
Yoga Timmings

Monday – Saturday = 6:00 A.M To & 7:30 A.M


We are providing a complimentary Yoga Classes 6 days a week only for GymX’s members and those who are willing to join only for yoga classes or any other queries can contact us.

GymXSstudio is the only top and best Yoga Class In Asansol. Our Yoga Instructor will instruct and guide you through every process and in every steps of yoga. Yoga boosts heart and brain health as well as our fully body. It relaxes our Mind And keeps us fit by mentally and physically too. For a Peacefull mind and body everyone should do on daily basis and make it a part of our healthy life style.

In our yoga session, you will get proper yoga equipment. We are highly concerned about the hygiene of you and our yoga equipment.

So come and join GYMXSSTUDIO  yoga classes and explore your inner strength of your soul and mind