Gym Training in Asansol


Gym Training in Asansol

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General Training

We provide the best Gym Training in Asansol​. General Training is complimentary for our members so that we can provide them the best gyming and workout experience.

Variants of Training

We provide different variants of training like hardcore workout, cardio-workout, fat loss workout, zumba, aerobics, Non-stop workout mix.

Workout Duration

The Duratipon of Workout in our gym is 1-2 hours. In which we will provide every type of facilities to reach your goals

General Trainers

Our Trainers are always there to provide you each and every need from providing you diet and workout chart to giving full support and rectifying you during workout

Training Duration

The gym is open from 5:30 A.M to 11:00 P.M from Monday to Saturday an on Sunday 5:00 P.M 10:00 P.M

Purpose of Workout

To be always fit and strengthful. We help our members to achieve their goals.

Gym Training in Asansol

buddies recommending Gymxsstudio

his Gym is one of the best Gym entire in Asansol..Interior/ Hygiene / Trainers are superb.( Bharat Shreshtha) Awesome Trainer...Good behaviour from the management.For athelete/ Bodybuilder this Gym is HEAVEN ❤️❤️ I personally suggest every Fitness freak to be a part of this Gym.
Yudi Kashyap
The best fitness studio in Asansol , unlike anything else! A wonderful place to rejuvenate If there is anyone in Asansol you would like to train and get better, it is Gymxsstudio. A studio in it's true sense, it makes sure everyone is looked after and does not believe in selling out. The team of trainers are scientifically driven to give you the best programs for maximum results.
Sandip Bhoumick

Gym Training in Asansol

We also provide Gym Training in Asansol as general gyming classes in which our trainers (one of the best athletes in state) help our gym customers with free general workout plan for a duration of time, It can be for several months too as it is all upon authority. In this we also provide our customers with free diet charts and though our trainers guide all the members of the gym like Correct Posture, Correct Techniques, Support, etc.

Gym Training in Asansol


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Gym Training in Asansol
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Gym Training in Asansol

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